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Wedding Videographer Cork, capturing your special day in non-intrusive, brilliant HD video

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. From the hectic and exciting buzz of the morning preparations, through to your first dance surrounded by your family and friends. You will be swept away in a rush of excitement that doesn’t end until the early hours of the morning.

Your wedding dvd is there so you can look back and relive every moment that made it so special. The moments that you remember and the moments that you never saw. Wedding dvds capture everything – the faces, the voices, the laughter and the tears. You will be able to watch friends and family enjoying your day as much as you are and there might even be a surprise message or two that you weren’t expecting.

Wedding dvds are an essential part of a wedding day because they offer you what no other service can – a chance to relive this day over and over again.

Arclight Weddings prides ourself on delivering non-intrusive, brilliant HD video which can be enjoyed time and again by all the family. Contact us today to discuss your wedding – we would be happy to provide a no obligation quote as well as a free DVD Sampler